NCD Xterminal rescources.

By Jon Langseth, released under GNU FDL v1.1

First of all, check that your NCD Xterminal is supported by NCDWare, and by what versions. If your terminal is supported by NCDWare 3.5, the rest of this document applies to you. If not, contact NCD, or "happy googling". Models supported by 3.5 are: 14c, 15b, 17c, 19r, 88k, 19c, 17cr, 19g, MCX, ECX and 15r.

The list of NCDWare versions, modifications and supported modules are at:

For linux installations, make sure that you read through the short NCD-X-Terminal HOWTO. One location is at:

So, I assume your terminal is supported by NCDWare 3.5? Then go ahead and grab the tarball! I reckon I can reference you to it, as it resides in the public FTP area at File location is:

Be warned that this tarball is approx 45 MBytes!

If you still understand what to do after unpacking the tar.Z, go ahead and install. If not, NCD has comprehensive installation documentation for most UNIX flavors (except *BSD and Linux) at

Read through as much as you need to get a roadmap. That said, it does not hurt to read through some of it even if you did understand the HOWTO..

A lot more information and documentation can be found at:

Good luck to you! I cannot give you better instructions than these, as it has been ages since last I did anything NCD'ish....

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