RUP Related Information in the RUP section of the developerWorks®: Rational® Web site.

developerWorks: Rational is the technical resource for the community of development professionals using or evaluating IBM Rational tools and best practices. developerWorks: Rational offers a variety of downloads, resources, discussion groups, and education designed to help you utilize IBM Rational solutions to best advantage. Whether learning about the IBM Rational solution for the first time, or a veteran practitioner, you'll find the technical content you need to get started quickly and enhance your skills.

developerWorks: Rational is part of the larger IBM developerWorks® Web site that covers technical information on Rational, WebSphere, DB2, Tivoli and Lotus as well as open standards technology including Java, Linux, XML, Web services, Wireless, emerging technologies and more.

Visit the -- This hyperlink in not present in this generated website RUP section of the developerWorks®: Rational® Web site to access technical articles and case studies to help you adopt and implement RUP, example artifacts, community resources such as a RUP discussion forum, and more. Downloads such as the Rational Process Workbench® and CorelDraw source files are also available.

In addition, the RUP section of the developerWorks®: Rational® Web site is the repository for accessing RUP Plug-Ins. Guidance on using and creating Plug-Ins is also provided. Below you will find a list of the main RUP Plug-Ins:

  • Business Modeling Plug-In
  • RUP Plug-In for IBM Rational SUMMIT Ascendant
  • RUP Plug-In for Legacy Evolution
  • Real-Time Plug-In
  • RUP Plug-Ins for User Experience
  • RUP for Extreme Programming (XP) Plug-Ins
  • RUP for Systems Engineering Plug-Ins
  • RUP Plug-IN for IBM Rational Rapid Developer
  • RUP Plug-In for Asset-Based Development
  • RUP Plug-Ins for J2EE
  • RUP Plug-Ins for IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • RUP Plug-In for BEA Weblogic
  • RUP Plug-Ins for Sun
  • RUP Plug-In for Microsoft .NET

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