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The "HiGLUG Computer Systems" is a collection of services run by HiGLUG members, for members, on servers located in the HiGLUG room at Gjøvik University College.

For a system/service to be included under the "HCS" name, it is required to use one of the common user authentication and identity management services provided by the HCS.

Thus, by applying for, and being granted, and account at the HCS, you automatically have access to all services provided under this common denomination.

Please note that the HiGLUG Computer Systems are in no way affiliated with the services otherwise provided at Gjøvik University College, and there is no guarantee on the operational status, as all services provided by HCS are considered Experimental.

For a list of services provided by the HCS, and information about services, servers and operational administratiors, please see http://linux.hig.no/Prosjekter/HCS/

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