8 drive disk cabinet/chassis for 3.5" drives

This design is something that I wish to build, but is currently only at a planning stage. The design is simple:

Two walls with drillouts for the fastening screw position of 8 pcs 3.5" drives positioned so that airflow is easily possible, open but controlled area behond the drives, that can/will be used for channeling of fan-driven air. Angeled ends/sides on the walls, where the angles facing towards the front / connector side has holes for passing power cables and fastening ties, and the angles facing towards top/bottom has mounting holes to attach the simple top and bottom plates.

The unit is drawn standalone so far; i.e. it has no fastening brackets, but such may be added easily to the top/bottom plates, or even on the front/back angels of the sidewalls.

This design, and the drawings are © Jon Langseth.
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if you wish to use or repost imagery or design concept.

Excepted from this is the model of a Maxtor ® DM10 PATA disk drive, created by "ThaNerd" and made public domain at the Google 3D Warehouse

Sidewall technical drawing. (PNG image)
Top/bottom plate technical drawing (PNG image)
Disk Cabinet CAD visualisation

Disk Cabinet CAD visualisation

Disk Cabinet CAD visualisation

Disk Cabinet CAD visualisation

All drawing files, in Google Sketchup format: