DCTC rpm packages for Fedora

Theese packages are unofficial! No warranty whatsoever is given!

Official page for DCTC, and description of DCTC, is on http://ac2i.homelinux.com/dctc/

I do not guarantee that they work. The are compiled, and partially tested on my Fedora Core 1 installation, but as I have customized slightly, this still may break (and most likely will)

DCTC rpm for Fedora Core 1: dctc-0.85.8-1.i386.rpm
DC_gui rpm for Fedora Core 1: dc_gui2-0.79-1.i386.rpm

Theese packages are provided for possible conveniance, by Jon Langseth, aka Fishy.
email: jon.langseth (at) lilug.no
I am not a developer for, or maintainer of the source, of DCTC.